• Apr 4, 2016
  • PRAXES 設計師特輯/ 陳信勳 Anko Chen

  • 這次春假我們就接著來介紹一下,PRAXES當中具有在業界長達十年工作經驗的布料專家Anko!究竟從輔仁大學織品系畢業的他,為何經歷業界的薰陶後,會再重回來當學生呢?讓我們一起來看看這一張張作品背後的設計秘密吧!

    Q: 是什麼樣的念頭,促使你進入PRAXES的呢?What brought you into PRAXES?
    A: 希望能藉由PRAXES自由發展的環境下,將大學織品系畢業以來,到現在剛從業界轉換進入實踐的各種過程,整合成能銜接紡織產業中生代斷層的能量。Hopefully throughout Praxes free choice environment, I could sum up what I have learn from textile design in college with my work experience all together to integrate and cohesion into the textile industrial world.

    Q:你是如何把業界經驗,帶入PRAXES營運操作裡的呢? How do you take what you have learned from work into Praxes system?
    A:在PRAXES的模擬實戰操作平台架構下,我認為無業界與學界的既定操作框架與操作模式,是促使經驗可被帶入的主要關鍵。業界既定經驗與操作可在無傳統束縛的PRAXES課程下被進行演練,並同時被不停的推翻、嘗試與印證;反而言之,PRAXES無框架的營運方式,更可直接避開“人”的職級倫理因素,被嘗試、沏取,亦或印證業界慣用的操作模式。Under simulated operational platform through PRAXES, I believe no industry and academia established framework is the key to let people to promote their experience. Without the traditional constraints, PRAXES turned to be more successful and open-minded than other traditional operational methods.

    Q:描述一下自己最喜歡的事物。Describe your favorite things.
    A:我喜歡進入工廠、接觸在紡織領域中各種工段的前輩,例如:織廠、染廠的織造、染整技師、及車縫和打版阿姨等。他們無私的經驗分享,使我做一個更腳踏實地、不一昧天馬行空、不過於理想化的設計師。當然,旅行、音樂與電影也是我最喜歡的養份。I love to visit factories such as weaving and dyeing factory, and to visit people that works in the fashion business such as sewers, pattern makers and so on. Their selfless of sharing, let me become more down to earth without being too idealized. Of course that travels, music, and movies are also my favorite nutrients.

    Q:平時的創作靈感來自於何處呢? Where does your inspiration come from?
    A:我的創作來自於自己人格特質的自然養成,而靈感則來自於生活、體悟的紀錄。My creations come from self natural personality traits that was inspire by every daily life.

    Q:為何會將自己投進入到設計這個行業中呢?What brought you into this business?
    A:投進設計領域是我一直以來所堅持的熱忱與喜好。期許自己短期能完成學業、中期能成為布商、或是成立服裝品牌,而長期可做人才的銜接與傳承。Field of design is what I insisted has enthusiasm with. I hope I could finish school for a short-term goal, and then become a fabric supplier or establish a fashion brand. Moreover, to consistently inherit and converge experience to next generation will be my long-term goal.

    Q:希望最終可以從PRAXES裡帶走什麼?What do you want to take way from PRAXES?
    A:無框架的、更自由且全球化的新設計與創造,和思維上的整合。Frameless new design and thinking.